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Nonfiction Text & Graphic Features

I love reading nonfiction and I love teaching it!  It's all about facts, pictures and learning something new. Let's face it, in real life and in adulthood we read nonfiction most of the time. It's no wonder the new state assessment in Texas, STAAR has put a major emphasis on nonfiction text. Which ones do you read the most?
  • Textbooks with facts and strategies
  • Invitations 
  • Directions or Maps
  • Magazine Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Procedural Text, such as recipes
My most recent experience is working with 1st, 3rd and 5th Graders and I'm not convinced that students understand how helpful text/graphic features are.  Imagine putting together a new bookshelf without pictures.  Let's face it, we need those pictures!  

Be sure to HOOK your students with a connection between nonfiction text and real life application, it creates buy-in.  I have to admit, Hooks are my favorite part of any lesson cycle!  Last year, I began with a class graph so students could visually see what types of nonfiction they already read.  If you have technology available, you could set up an online poll.


Sandi said...

I love it! Thank you!
Sandi at Literacy Minute

emily3 said...

Cute scavenger hunt idea! Thanks for sharing!

Andrea Crawford said...

What a wonderful resource and fun idea! I am definitely going to use this with my students!! Thanks!

Reading Toward the Stars

Carla said...

Deniece...I just did procedural texts with my kids this week and couldn't find an organizer for their interactive notebooks. Go to my store...I shared it as a freebie. I think it ties right in with your materials! I will add this to my files and really appreciate the freebie!

Carla at Comprehension Connection

D. Frideley said...

Thanks ladies.

Carla, I ADORE procedural text. I did a blog post last year and had my eval on it last year. I love that it usually includes food:)

Jan said...

This is a great unit- can't wait to use with my Firsties. Thanks for sharing:-)

Teacher Mom of 3 said...

Thank you so much! This is perfect to use with a student I tutor. Will be using this week. Thank you for making my life easier!

Wendy Arentz said...

This is a great resource for non-fiction! I can't wait to use it!

Read With Me ABC

Em Hutchison said...

I love all the ideas that this pack includes. Thanks so much.

Curious Firsties

D. Frideley said...

Thanks Wendy & Em.

Garden Full of Knowledge said...

Great product! Thanks for sharing!

luckeyfrog said...

With Common Core's emphasis on non-fiction, the text features are SO important :) Thank you for this! It will really help my teaching, especially for my RTI kids!

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

Im Lovin Lit said...

The most useful thing I've found in this blog hop so far. THANKS Deniece!
:) Erin
I'm Lovin Lit