Have you used QR Codes in the classroom yet?

Before Tuesday, I have used my QR Code Reader on my iPhone 1 time.  I used it at a school function that was "paperless" and the agenda was on the QR Code.  It was fun (about as much fun as convocation can be).

This year I have 10 iPad Mini's in my classroom.  We use them daily. Why?  Engagement.  My kiddos do quizzes on google docs, exit tickets on kidblog and I use weebly to store our research links.  This week, they completed a QR Code Scavenger Hunt to answer Science questions about bats.  The kids LOVED it!  They would scan the code and then a question would pop up.  They used a recording sheet to answer their questions.  After the question, a clue that told them where to go next.

Since I didn't have any experience with QR codes, I did a little research (googling/pinteresting) and I found a bit of a treasure - classtools.net!

If you have iPods, iPads or tablets...give QR Codes a try!  100% engagement!!  I think this would be excellent for test prep, too.  What kind of apps or technology do you love to use in your classroom?

This Little Piggy is lovin' technology.


Erika said...

I am piloting a 1:1 ipad classroom this year and my kids LOVE QR codes for everything.

D. Frideley said...

1:1 is awesome! I use a workshop style classroom so most of the time students are 1:1 with the iPads. Our exit ticket is on Kidblog, so they have to share with a partner.

I was just thinking today that I want a blog re-design...then I read you guys are taking a break:( I hope you're up and running soon. But, I understand about the scheduling. I feel like I rarely get to blog due to scheduling.

Erika said...

Is your bat scavenger hunt on TpT?