Spring is Here - Poetry Hop

Hoppy Spring!  A.K.A. Allergy season in my house.  I woke up this morning with puffy eyes, my husband said I looked like a frog! Yup, a frog.  
This weekend, we're celebrating poetry.  Teaching poetry didn't come natural to me.  So, I had to pack my teacher toolbox full of little tricks of the trade.  Take a peek inside my Pinterest Poetry Toolbox.
I love seeing kids write little poems about the things they love.  I also love seeing kids become authors. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a brown bag book.  I PROMISE if you make this with your students and hang it in the hallway you are guaranteed to get "Oooh's and Aaaah's" from your colleagues and parents.  
The materials you'll need are: 3 lunch sized paper bags per student, scissors & a rubberband (ribbon is optional).  

Begin by cutting the ends off of each paper bag. 

Next, line up all 3 bags, fold into a booklet, cut about an inch slit into each end and slide the rubberband into place.

Now, you're paperbag book is ready to decorate.  For this project, you'll need to download my Poetry Brown Bag Freebie!

Each page has space for notes or a description and students can write their own poems to put on the "tag pages".  These pages have a ribbon attached like a tag or a tab.

To add the tab, simply cut strips of ribbon, fold over and staple to the back side of your paper.

I've made a few brown bag books in my teaching career and they tend to be on the girly side.   I tried to make this a little more generic and it looks cute, but isn't girly! 

Continue along our hop and check out my friend, Tara's blog!

Have you ever made a Brown Bag Book?  I've used it for cause and effect.  How else could you use it?
A special thanks to our graphic artists: Epiphanous, EduClips and Hello Fonts.