Gift of Reading Blog Hop

Guess what?  I'm not dead.
I know I haven't blogged in a while...but I have good news.  Today I will be sharing a freebie with you.

Some of my FB friends have gotten together to spread holiday cheer with FREEBIES!

Has this ever happened to you?  
You wake up 5 minutes late.  
You realize you forgot to pack your daughter's lunch. You pour a cup of coffee & realize you're out of creamer.  
By the time you walk out of the house you're running 10 minutes late.  
Yes, this has happened to me.  Okay, it happens more than I want to admit.  

My sanity saver is Bell Work.  It gives my students something to do while I'm getting things adjusted and drinking my coffee.  When I taught 3rd Grade Reading, my class began at 7:45!  Who's idea was it to start school before I finished my coffee?  I relied heavily on Bell Work.  My usual Bell Work was a short passage and questions that spiral reviewed the past few weeks of standards.  I like this format because it allows most students to be successful and it spotlights the students who need a little extra help.  
My freebie today is a Winter Themed Sampler of my STAAR Style Spiral Review/Bell Work.

Hop over to Emily's blog - she has some cute Cootie Catchers for you!

This Little Piggy plans to blog a lot more this Thanksgiving Break, check back!