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On Friday, I posted over at one of my collaborative blogs, Who's Who and Who's New.  
This is a great blog with a lot of awesome collaborators who post lots of ideas and seldom any products.  
If you're interested in seeing how my students did with their snow globe writing project - hop on over!

This Little Piggy can't wait for The Walking Dead tonight and Scandal on Thursday!


One Crazy Summer

I have a pretty big library.  I have a whole section on Black History Month. I've read most of the books, but I have a few new ones.  T
oday, I read most of One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia.  I loved it, loved it, loved it!  It was heartbreaking to read the story of these 3 little girls.  It is also incredibly well written.  It's not a difficult read; however, the topics are a little mature for Upper Elementary.  Amazon says it is good for ages 8-12.  I would say it is better for Middle Schoolers due to the content.  If you need a good, quick read for yourself...grab it!  It was great.     


Come over to Lit. Land and find me!

I'm not here today, I'm blogging over at Adventures in Literacy Land.
Come over and check out my post about a FREE App that makes Graphic Organizers.

This Little Piggy is calling out the Troops!


Measurement Ideas

Does your school pinpoint hotspots that your students tend to score poorly on,  either on benchmarks or state tests?  Well, measurement is a math hotspot in our school.  So, when I see something about measurement (esp. something a little out of the ordinary) I pin it! Here are a couple of pin's I think might be useful.
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If you like these pins and want to see more, follow my "Mathie-Math-Math" pinterest board.  I pin some products, but mostly ideas, anchor charts, freebies and videos.  
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February Currently

I skipped the January Currently and I missed it terribly!  I'm going to link up with Farley and hopefully I'm not number 300 (tee-hee-hee).

I didn't have HBO in college, so I wasn't a huge Sex in the City girl, but I did try to catch up with re-runs and I love the movies.  So, when the Carrie Diaries came on...I jumped on board.  I love the backstory and all the little connections.  We're in Season 2 so go catch up!

I'm horrible at buying gifts, mainly b/c I'm cheap and I can't see spending $$ on something way far in advance.  But I saw something I thought my hubby would love on etsy and I bought it. Shhhh....

Drama - it makes me so uncomfortable...who needs it?  I get my drama from Soap Operas!

My lie: I LOVE steak!  It's 10:30 a.m. and I'm craving it.  YUM!  I also love hedgehogs and due to that I've put a stop to my clipart spending.  I have too much of it to ever create enough TpT products.  I must talk about it a lot too because in the last month I've had 3 people ask me what clipart is! HUH?  How do people not know what clipart is???
My dear friend Kelsea from Teacher Gems is having a big ol' Giveaway and I'm helping her out. Yes, I entered the clipart giveaway, it doesn't count if I win it!  

This Little Piggy is planning on eating steak!