February Currently

I skipped the January Currently and I missed it terribly!  I'm going to link up with Farley and hopefully I'm not number 300 (tee-hee-hee).

I didn't have HBO in college, so I wasn't a huge Sex in the City girl, but I did try to catch up with re-runs and I love the movies.  So, when the Carrie Diaries came on...I jumped on board.  I love the backstory and all the little connections.  We're in Season 2 so go catch up!

I'm horrible at buying gifts, mainly b/c I'm cheap and I can't see spending $$ on something way far in advance.  But I saw something I thought my hubby would love on etsy and I bought it. Shhhh....

Drama - it makes me so uncomfortable...who needs it?  I get my drama from Soap Operas!

My lie: I LOVE steak!  It's 10:30 a.m. and I'm craving it.  YUM!  I also love hedgehogs and due to that I've put a stop to my clipart spending.  I have too much of it to ever create enough TpT products.  I must talk about it a lot too because in the last month I've had 3 people ask me what clipart is! HUH?  How do people not know what clipart is???
My dear friend Kelsea from Teacher Gems is having a big ol' Giveaway and I'm helping her out. Yes, I entered the clipart giveaway, it doesn't count if I win it!  

This Little Piggy is planning on eating steak!


Mrs. Leeby said...

I ALWAYS watch SATC while I work on the computer. I had no idea that the Carrie Diaries were good. Thanks for the info- I'm gonna get started! :)

Learning With Mrs. Leeby

FabandFunin4th! said...

Yum! I could totally go for a steak right now and a baked potato :)


Robin Harris said...

I LOVE your gift for your husband! I think he will love it!!
The Bomb-Diggity Classroom

Literacy Spark said...

I watch the Carrie Diaries too. Sometimes I think that's sort of pathetic, so I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Literacy Spark

D. Frideley said...

I actually think High School Carrie is stronger than 30 yr old Carrie. I also see she has a pattern of back & forth with men, starting with Sebastian.