1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for Friday

It's been a while since I've posted a 5 for Friday (esp. on a Friday). 
 This week I have a couple of pics to show, but 5 events.
Last week our Department (GT) had Open House.  
It was titled, Through the Lens of a Scholar.  
My students studied the Scholarly Habits and Photography.  
Then, they staged pictures with symbols to represent themselves and the Scholarly Habits.  
My students were busy last week.  
We were studying energy, fossil fuels and alternative energy sources.  
They are also doing it in their Science classes and they "got it".  
We did a PBL to find out where we could put a windmill at our school.  The need.org website was a good resource.
This week we accelerated our learning and moved to a 6th Grade concept - Kinetic and Potential Energy.  
I used Rencharee's Roller Coaster Project as a guide/framework.  
My students had to include a "jump", "hill" and "turn".  
Every group worked well together and was successful after a little trial and error! 

My kiddos L-O-V-E Logic Problems.  
This is a pretty cool one that is hands-on.  
Perfect for collaboration & problem solving!
We're heading to our cave field trip this upcoming week.  
  They learned a lot about bats and caves.  
They created a cave, bat glyphs, vocabulary terms and QR codes with research findings.  
We put this up for Open House so students could show parents how to use QR Codes and teach their parents about bats.  

This Little Piggy's Girl was a Mermaid for Halloween.   

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