Saturday Snapshots - Mermaid Theme

This is my first time to link-up with Run! Mrs. Nelson's got the camera!  Saturday Snapshots.

Now, if you read my blog, you know I'm going to do a Mermaid Theme this year in my classroom.  
Well, my Mermaid Theme was born a long time ago.  It began at My Girl's 3rd B-Day Party.  
I thought I'd share pics.   
Now, the vision began when my husband wanted to create a coral reef!  
Yes, he said it not me.  He loves sea turtles.

So, it all began with me looking for an invitation.
Of course, I didn't take a pic of ours, but this is what I bought.
Mermaid Birthday Party Invitation -  Party Printables
These are from LivingLocturo's Birthday Printables. I loved the modest mermaid.
I used the same font and addressed the invites - everyone loved that detail.

This is our smaller version of the Coral Reef!  Our fireplace is see-through, so my dad stood on the other side and put toys onto the fishing pole when the kids went fishing.

These were the goodies that the kiddos got when they went fishing.
They are all Dollar Tree Finds.  The Toothbrush is a Dolphin and so is the Bath Sponge.

My Birthday Princess Fishing.

This was easy, but a huge hit!  Even the boys loved grabbing a necklace out of the Treasure Chest.

 I tried to make bubbles out of tissue paper poms.  We put cups into the Treasure Chests.
On the windows, you can see I hung fishies made out of plates and poms.
This cute little party has inspired my love of mermaids and is now inspiring my classroom decor!

If you ever hang out in the TpT Forums, you probably know Tiny Toes
 Well, she's having a Big Ol' Giveaway.    

I'm giving away my School Supply Clipart.
Be sure to check back Monday...I've got a mega surprise giveaway planned!

This Little Piggy is Heading to the Hill Country!

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Miss Nelson said...

So fun! I can't wait to see classroom pictures too. Thanks for linking up. You have yourself a precious mermaid.