Clipart & Coffee Talk with Teacher Inspired (Freebie and Giveaway)

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I'm enjoying my coffee in...
The Texas Hill Country. 
Celebrating our 7th Anniversary!  I'm a lucky girl to have a husband who's madly in love with her.

Our featured artist today is Brittney from Teacher Inspired.  
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I found her in the TpT Forums.  I must admit her birdie caught my eye...turns out we have a similar style.  We both had a garden themed classroom.  I also love her blog design - it's very me (shockingly, the piggies aren't really "me", but they are cute)!  
Lets get to know Brittney...
I am from a small town north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have lived here all my life and grew up with a strong sense of family, related or not. Aside from the amazing people here, the food and get-togethers are the best part about living here. Seems like someone always has a pot of crawfish boiling, a gumbo brewing, or a jambalaya cooking - and plenty of laughs. If you're in my neck of the woods, let me know! I'll be sure to put a gumbo on for y'all.
I began making clip art this past year after our school got Activboards. As I began making flipcharts, I was often frustrated with the lack of "cute" graphics to add to my lessons, and was also worried about copyright. Talking with my coworkers, they expressed the same concerns. After reading - A LOT- and learning - A LOT - and staying up to the to the wee morning hours, I finally designed a few sets that I wanted to sell on TPT.
Funny you should ask, my blog "Teacher Inspired" got its name from the inspiration I get from other teachers.It's a double meaning - my products are "teacher inspired" and I am a teacher who's inspired by others and the world around me. Also, I will begin a new job in August in which I will have the opportunity to work with many teachers at different grade levels. This opportunity excites me greatly because I truly love helping other teachers. When I first started my journey as an educator, I longed to be like the artsy, cutesy teachers I met along the way. Determined, I read, learned, and observed and got better and better. I love graphic design and am a self taught graphic designer. I design clip art that could fit into many classroom themes (bees, owls, etc.) and cute art that could dress up flipcharts, blog posts, stationary, etc.
Who does not love bunting?  I love this $3.50 cent pack - it has all the bunting you'd ever need!

Brittney is helping you get ready for school with these awesome FREE WELCOME bunting banners! 
Click the pic to download.

Are you ready for Brittney's Mega Giveaway?  
One Lucky Winner will get 
Whoa...Is it bad blogger behavior to enter a giveaway on my own blog?  I want it all!

This Little Piggy is probably sitting in the HOT TUB while you're reading this!


Sara B said...

Deniece, This is way too funny. I have her owl clipart in my wish list on TPT.

Brittney C said...

This is FABULOUS Deniece! I wanted to thank you here as well for such an amazing opportunity! Hope you are having a great time! :)

Im Lovin Lit said...

Brittney.. your clip art is soooo dang cute! I'm OBSESSED with bunting so I've got my fingers crossed. Follower #101 - so congrats! :)
Deniece.. I hope you're having a fabulously relaxing time!
:) Erin
I'm Lovin Lit

Carla said...

I love what both of you have available and your blogs. I hope I win!!
Comprehension Connection

Carol Hernandez said...

I was so fortunate that Brittney stopped by my page and left a comment a few weeks ago. I was able to find her page and her beautiful clip art! It's all so pretty!

Super Sparkly in Second