Clipart and Coffee Talk with Teaches 3rd in Georgia

Alrighty bloggie friends, I'm back from my trip. 
It was relaxing and my goodness, I ate wayyyyy too much.

I'm back with a new Clipart & Coffee Talk.
So far, I've introduced you to six (or more) artists.  
I hope you realize that I am only featuring artists that I would (or already have bought) buy from.  

If you hang around the TpT Forums, 
you might recognize my featured artist today.
I am from the great state of Georgia. I love living here mainly because of the weather! I have a large family and the majority of them live right here in Georgia with me. I love the fact that I'm right in the middle of all the fun spots to visit and can make a day trip to the beach just about anytime! 
My first step into clipart creation began as a necessity. I was creating a unit on the American Revolution and could not find any kid-friendly clipart to use on my product. I started sketching on paper and watching YouTube videos to figure out how to turn them into digital clipart. Later on, I purchased an iPad and started creating digital clipart and haven't looked back! 
That is a hard one! I've drawn all sorts of clipart--realistic, crazy, scary, and just plain weird, but I think my all time favorites are my Kooky Easter Egg Characters. I have a strange sense of humor and something about Easter eggs that look like celebrities just cracks me up.

Now, Randi has some amazing freebies in her 
Saturday feature called, Snap-It-Up-Saturday!

Today she's giving everyone a taste of her artwork with some 
funky and colorful backgrounds, called Twisted Sister.

Randi is also doing an awesome Science Giveaway!

This Little Piggy hopes you remember to "Like" Randi's Facebook Page - she has a great free font for her Fans Only! 


Merinda Powell said...

Love Randi's work. Thank you for featuring her.
Pirate Girl's Education Invasion

Glan Deas said...

This is so beautiful. These are nice clip art. I like the color combination of her art.

Kopi Luwak