Clipart & Coffee Talk with Kelsea from Teacher Gems

Good Morning.  
My husband has declared me "coffee obsessed" this summer.  
Okay, maybe a little.

Join me for Clipart and Coffee Talk with 
I quit teaching two years ago to stay home with my new little one and only recently found TpT.  I thought it would be a great way to be able to continue to use my teaching talents and was super excited to start creating! As I researched copyrights I was scared to use anything I found on the internet for fear of breaking any copyright laws so I just starting making my own.
This is hard!! I have two favorites.

LOVE it, pure and simple!

I love it! It lets me know that all my hard work paid off and that others are enjoying my products as well. It rates up there with selling a product and getting getting positive feedback on an item. 

 I know you're all font-a-holics (like me), so today Kelsea has an awesome font freebie! 

 You can also enter the Teacher Gem Giveaway. It's Winner's Choice! 
 Take you pick...I love the Triangle Banners.

This Little Piggy Reads is now on Facebook!  My newest fonts are the Fan Freebie.


Mr. Matt said...

I love clip art! What do you use to create yours? I use Illustrator and ArtStudio on the iPad. I've got a couple other ones on my ipad, but AS seems to work really well.

Coffee Friend here too.
My as well get me an IV

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Kelsea Jane said...

Thanks for featuring me this week Deniece! :)