Box Tops, After 10 Years and My New Fonts

My Monday Made It is a more technology centered, so forgive me.

I did make a boxtop holder to match my Mermaid Theme. It's made out of an Instant Coffee Box I had in the cabinet.  I'll probably sit it on the ledge of my chalkboard (yes, I said it).  
I know everyone LOVES chalkboard, but when you have 
2 huge ones in your classroom, you are so over it. 

Next up, when I was away on va-cay, eating some AHHHHMazing food...
Yes, that's a Chocolate Croissant from The Fredericksburg Bakery (my heaven on earth).
I made some new fonts that were inspired by all the goodies I was eating...JEALOUS?

You can download these fonts at my new...Facebook Page under the Fan Freebie Tab:)
Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and made a Little Piggy FB Page.
My favorite is..
Nope, I know you're thinking it's Iced Coffee.
It's not.
It's Peaches!
Yes, I've got  5  9  21 wonderful followers...come on people, don't you like me??  Haha

To finish things off, I'm going to do a quick link-up with Miss Kindergarten 
(love her blog, wish I would have found it when I actually taught Kinder or PK).
I've been teaching 10 years, so I'm listing one thing I learned each year!

Year 1: A little gum is okay.  We had new desks and my prinicipal said, NO Gum.  I was new, I didn't know any better...I became the Gum Nazi.  Yes, that is what they called me!  They is not the kids. 
Year 2: Having a good team makes all the difference!
Year 3: Classroom Management is SOOOO important. This was my first year at an Elementary Campus and I was not prepared AT ALL.  Who knew I was supposed to walk kids to lunch?
Year 4: Becomes friends with the Office Staff.  
Year 5: Fake it till you Make it!  This year, I moved from 5th to PK.  YUP, 2 weeks before school began I got the call.  I was pregnant and honestly was okay with it.  But...I knew NOTHING.  NOTHING, I tell you.  But, everyone around the building thought I made an easy transition.
Year 6: Little Kids need their names on things to know how to function.  Rugs, Cubbies, Folders, Tables, Chairs...pretty much everything.  Yup, you guessed it, my first year in Kinder.
Year 7: You need a Sub Folder and a Sub Plan.  
Year 8: Leave the teacher bag at work.  Bringing it home and not taking it out of the car doesn't get anything accomplished.
Year 9:  Blue & Green are very calming colors.  
Year 10: I'm about to start year 10 with a new team...I'm going to go with Be Nice to New People.  You might be surprised but I don't like change . Oh wait, you're not surprised? 

This Little Piggy wrote a way too long post!  


Rae said...

No way! Not a too long post at all! I just created a blog-centered email address (mindfulrambles@gmail.com) and am about to create a blog-centered Facebook as well! When I do, I will be your 6th like :)

Mindful Rambles

Wendy Arentz said...

Love your MMI projects! Yay! You have Facebook! I 'liked' you. :)

Read With Me ABC

The Craft of Teaching said...

I love your 10 things for 10 years...I am seriously working on number 8 this year! :-) And your box top holder is super cute!

The Craft of Teaching

Colleen said...

I absolutely LOVE your fonts! I'm sorry I can't follow you on Facebook. I think I'm the only one in the world that doesn't do Facebook!!! But, thank you so much for all of your wonderful fonts!
Totally Terrific in Texas