Cheating with easy hyperlinks!

A while back, I saw someone post a quick note in the TpT forums about http://easyhyperlinks.com/.  

I bookmarked it and went about my day.
A few weeks later, I couldn't remember the code to put my blog name at the end of a comment and I couldn't find the file I saved it to (tell me you've lost a file before).  So I looked on my bookmarks and there it was.  

It seriously took me 2 minutes to figure it out.
It saves me tons of time because it saves the websites I type in:)  I hope this saves you some time too!

This Little Piggy has a great freebie tomorrow, check back!


AMC Looking From Third to Fourth said...

Uhm, this is awesome, thank you for sharing this - I really need this, html code scares me!!

Tate Jones said...

Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check this out. It's cool that it saves them, I type mine up every time, lol. :)

Richard Majece said...

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