Clipart & Coffee Talk with The Meekmoose

It's Thursday, Join me for some Coffee Talk about Clipart.  
Today we're having Iced Coffee since it's blazing H-O-T Outside!!

Today's artist is Heather from The Meek Moose.  I (virtually) met Heather when she commented on my How-to-Video Series.  I had just put out my video, "How to make Long Pins" and I was nervous about putting it out in the bloggie world.  Heather responded and told me that it helped her make her first pin!  How cool is that?
So, she sent me a pic of her pin (she also uses my fonts...which I love) and I was blown away!  Hers was by far better than any of mine.

Heather and her sister, Traci (who lives in New Zealand) work together virtually and create their clip art. That kind of blows my mind. I can barely crete clipart on my very own computer, much less collaborate with someone else across the world!

They signed up for the Clipart Challenge and worked with Jess from the Collaborative Classroom. Jess made an Early Addition Math FREEBIE with their HuGe Tropical Aquarium Clipart.

Around the Globe in 80 Ways - Head in the Clouds Package is their newest clipart and in my opinion...absolutely hilarious!  An armadillo in a hot air balloon - does it get any funnier?

Heather has decided to give 2 lucky people their own, Winner's Choice!  If you win, she'll even do a custom color set of her football clipart (she did a Cowboys set for me;)
This Little Piggy wants to know...do you prefer hot or iced coffee??


Ms. Starnes said...

Right now...iced coffee...it's HOT outside!!!
Thanks, Melanie

The Meek Moose said...

Thanks for the great write up, Deniece! I can't wait to see what the winners choose!


Meek and Wild Creations said...

Hey from Auckland, New Zealand! I love your fonts because they give our products that final professional touch and are really cute. Long distance collaboration is now REALLY easy thanks to universal technology. We use Dropbox to share big files and Skype to chat about what we've created for the week and what's next. Now that clipartists are meeting each other through the swap contests, I hope to see other international teams cropping up. And in answer to your question, it's winter down here, so hot... chocolate.

Aspire to Inspire said...

Not a coffee drinker, but if I did, probably cold!

Thanks for the post and chance to win the Meek Moose clip art!

<a href="www.aspiretoinspireblog.com>Aspire to Inspire</a>

Im Lovin Lit said...

HOT COFFEE - even in south Louisiana in July!


:) Erin

Second Grade Stories said...

I do not like coffee... Go figure... So I'll have a hot chocolate coolatta from dunkin donuts, please :-) ~ Lisa