I made Math Clipart and a Piggy Freebie!

PLEASE ignore my 2nd post.  

Do you have a person at school who's that "go to person".  Well, I've kind of become that person.  Not for EVERYTHING, but sometimes I am shocked what people think I know or can do!  Word has spread that I have a lil' teaching blog and a TpT store.  Okay, okay, it's my fault!  When I sold $20 on TpT, I was so psyched and told everyone at our staff meeting (don't act like you don't check your TpT sales during staff meetings).

So a veteran teacher who hand-crafts math games and I were talking.  She mentioned wanting to sell her game/s.  I asked her why she didn't create digital versions and sell them on TpT.  Anyway, she asked me to set a blog up and teach her how to create digital products.  Yeah, sure I can do that. But, a lot of my blogging and creating came to me through trial and error and I was already fairly technically savvy.  Plus, I'm still a newbie at creating.  In the process I made some clipart...not top notch or anything, but pretty good for a newbie.

Click Here to Get it for $1.50

I went ahead and made a cute Little Piggy Freebie (did you expect something different?).  The best part is...she's got 2 cute little front teeth.  
Click Here to Get my Piggy for Free!
This Little Piggy is Proud of Herself!


lcooney said...

Love her! I am a fellow pig lover;)

D. Frideley said...

Iconney, since this is my first time making clipart, can you download and let me know if it opens correctly and you can use her properly.

D Frideley