HEEELP me Organize!

Organization is SOOO not my thing.  I try, probably much harder than most people...but it doesn't come naturally to me.  So, I have a listening center and I'm lucky enough to have leveled stories on CD with activity pages (not sure how they ended up in my classroom but thanks to whomever put them there!).  WARNING--this is going to be UGLY!
This is my listening center...

I actually tried to organize it this year. 
I put colored stickers onto each "peg" at the top of the 4 legs and color coordinating stickers onto each headphone, then when students were finished they could put the headphone back to it's match.  Well, the stickers lasted about 2 weeks:(

I also keep all of my "CD's" in a basket, this works well.  
However, students put their books and work into that basket.  YUCK.  I want them to have a different space for their work. 
I tried to "identify the area" by putting a rug underneath it.  Ugh, I hate that rug.  
HELP!!  Any Organization Freaks willing to help me? 
 Come on pintrest'ers find me some solutions.

This semester we've been challenged to give our "above grade level" students independent work or "fast finisher" work so we can work on testing strategies with others.  
This 3 week period, mine worked on a sandwich book report.  I thought they turned out "Oh-So-Fabulous!"  

This week, I'm going to have them create a bulletin board to show case their work!  Maybe a table with a tablecloth and they can put a sign above it that says, "take a bite out of a good book"  Not sure.  They can decide.

Can you help this Little Piggy?


Mary said...

I'm right there with you on the organization thing! It seems like I can get one area organized, then the others are in need, and when I do another area, the first one needs organizing again! What about using nail polish or some type of paint on the headphones? Maybe have a basket for the CD's and another basket or plastic tote or drawer for the work and books. Love your sandwich reports and display idea!

Teaching Special Kids

D. Frideley said...

Mary, that's a great idea to use nail polish! I might be able to come up with 4 colors thanks to my daughter!

I am proud of those sandwich book reports. I thought they came out great!!!