100 Days for Big Kids

At our school we normally celebrate the 100 Days of School by having a PK/Kinder/1st Grade Parade.  The littles bring in posters with 10 groups of 10 or they make 100 day glasses or hats and one year (when I taught Kinder) our theme was $100 dollars...so we put our faces onto big 100 dollar bills and decided how we would spend $100 and who we would give $100 to.

But our big kids don't do much.  So in the middle of the night...I woke up and thought Cootie Catchers!!! I'm working on some vocab cootie catchers and I thought...why not make a 100 day activity with them????  Great idea!

I am putting my combo pack into my TpT Store.  It has the freebie opinions/self-reflection Q's and it also has a math version that includes estimation, multiplication and division.  I also included a time saving answer sheet.

This Little Piggy loves 100 Days of School!


Mary said...

What a great idea! My students will love this! I also always tried to think of a way to celebrate 100 days!I also always wondered how to celebrate 100 days in the upper elementary classrooms, thank you!

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Jessica Fredrickson said...

What a great idea! Makes me miss being with 6th graders! :)

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D. Frideley said...

Jessica, I will NEVER again teach 6th Grade! hahahaha

Nikki T said...

Deniece ... CRAZY, I was just thinking about how the "big kids" don't celebrate the 100th day of school, but they SHOULD! :D I love the idea!! Now ... I just have to make sure I know when the 100th day is b/c we got off track. OOPSIE! Thanks for the post.

~Nikki T
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