Is Santa Real and The Homework Debate

Please forgive me, this is my 2nd post today.  I actually remembered my camera this week so I HAVE to share, right?
Author's Purpose 
Author's Purpose Anchor Chart
Author's Purpose Graphic Organizer from Christina Brainbridge's Graphic Organizer's for Big Kids

 Persuasive Writing Using Nicole Shelby's Santa's New Suit
 My kids LOVE this Activity & the BEST part...It's FREE!!!  Go Get It!  
*Warning*  All week long I have been getting the question/s, "Do you believe in Santa?"  "Is Santa real?" "Is my mom Santa?" "Who is REALLY Santa?" I'm sure I'm not the only teacher who gets this question.  

According to Pinterest, my homework routine is pretty popular!  I'm going to join in on the linky fun at Third Grade Bookworm.
Homework Packet
Teachers at my school are incredibly interested in my Homework Packet and I thought I'd share it here, too.
I send out a weekly homework packet.  They go home Monday and are due on Friday.  Every week, I have the same cover page layout but I tend to change the fonts so that I can easily look at one and tell which week it is (1-6).  The font page includes spelling words, a weekly schedule and notes at the bottom.
 On the inside, I include my Spelling Homework Choice Boards for the Entire Year 
and a reading log (I cannot find the ones I use and LOVE) on TPT.  
But for now, I found Bookmark Freebies for you.
Then, I include a differentiated fluency passage from our state adoption.  Any student reading below 90wpm on a 3rd grade level gets an "approaching" fluency passage, students reading 90-130 wpm get the "on grade level" fluency passage and students reading above 130wpm get the "beyond passage".  I also include a weekly skill passage from a book for our State Assessment.  Students must utilize their strategies.
Since many of my students are still missing some vocabulary words on their weekly and unit assessments, this week I began including a vocabulary review from our state adoption.   It is close sentence format and not my ideal vocabulary worksheet; however, my students need basic reinforcement and this is it for now. 

This Little Piggy Can't Wait for the Weekend!


Abby said...

Oh my goodness, how cute is your blog?! :)

Your homework packet is organized beautifully. No wonder it's a hit at your school!

I love that you have included differentiated fluency pieces in your homework as well. I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to do this with our homework journals next year. I'm thinking I may copy them on bright copy paper as we rotate them in and out.

It's so nice to find another departmentalized ELA blogger, too!

Thanks for linking up!

Third Grade Bookworm

D. Frideley said...

Hey Amy,
Yes, making the fluency passages on different colored paper would be a great idea! I'll try that next year. This year, I would put a circle, triangle and square in the corner. It was Circle - Below 90wpm
Triangle - Approaching Grade Level
Square - Above 130 wpm
**Next year I need to teach parents how to do this - we didn't begin the fluency part until October (school-wide mandatory). I am not sure parents understood how to use the fluency passages.