Where did I go today?






Yup, you guessed it...a Field Trip!  We took a field trip to the new Perot Museum in Dallas.  It was a free field trip and it was very engaging.  If you're close to it and you teach 3rd/4th grade and up I'd say GO!  There are 4 floors.  My kids loved the Dinosaurs and I enjoyed the earthquake simulation!  My kids were a little overly excited and I started the day with "walking feet please" as the day went on, I said, "walk" and I ended the day with "QUIT running!"  The elevators are see-thru and you can watch elevators go and up & down.  We had lunch by the huge people sized frogs.  All in all, I think the kids enjoyed it.

This Little Piggy is Tired!


Gina Coniglio said...

Hi Deniece,
What a cute blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. This field trip looks really cool! I'm cracking up at "QUIT Running!" I can totally relate.
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Kathy O. said...

Love your blog!! So nice to link up with fellow thirdies!! I'm your newest follower!

Kathy O

Third Grade Doodles

D. Frideley said...

Welcome Gina and Kathy. I love the little piggies! I try to make some freebies and I often post about what we're doing in the classroom.