Video Taping? Huh? Me, are you sure?

During my afternoon duty, one of my teacher friends walked over with a sneaky smile (I should have known she was up to something!).

Me: What's up?
Teacher ex-Friend: Well, you know that meeting I had the other day, the one with district personnel?
Me: Um, yeah, sure.
Teacher ex-Friend: Well, I didn't really mean to throw you in the fire, but it turns out the district wants to come in and video tape your teaching.
Me: Video tape?  Huh?  Me?  What?
Teacher ex-Friend: Again, I'm sorry.  They want to watch your stations.
Me: Video tape?  I don't really have anything to wear (yeah that was gonna get me out of it!).
Teacher ex-Friend: I'll e-mail you about it.

So, I walk away thinking one day they might get around to it.  I open my e-mail and it's WEDNESDAY!!!!!  But, I don't have anything to wear!  I am still wearing last year's shoes!  I need to clean my classroom.  I need to organize things.  I need to...I need to....I need to...

This little piggy isn't ready for Wednesday!

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