Firefighter Freebie Puppet & Glyph {PK, K}

My daughter and her 3 year old friends are really into puppets.  Since "F" is coming up soon at their pre-school, I made this puppet.  Then, I thought...hey why not share it. It's not as cute as some awesome graphic artists could do (I just used shapes) but, I thought my toddler would think it was cute. So, if you want to use it...click here.  I added some extra pieces that are word bubbles you could put onto the puppet or you can put onto a bulletin board!  In the middle of making it, I decided to add a Glyph choice as well.  If I would have known about glyphs when I was a Kinder Teacher...my kids would have been glyph'd out!  I love them and try to work them in when I can in 3rd Grade Reading (which is not very often).
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 Two of my Teacher Friends & I took our kiddos to Country Critters Farm and we had a great time.  When we left, all 3 Lil' Pun'kin's said, "Best Day Ever!"  
My Lil' Pun'kin and her Little Pumpkin!

This little piggy is putting off finishing up lesson plans for the week!

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