Multiple Meaning Words, Vocab

I forgot my camera this week...so no pics:(  I lived through the video taping.  I had my 2nd evaluation (2 down, 2 to go).  That's a whole other story, one I'm not prepared to put in bloggie world.

Last week I taught multiple meaning words.  I didn't use my "normal" technique, I mean I'm trying new things.  BAD IDEA!  Normally, I have students draw a pic. of the MMW in the sentence.  Then, when they get to their test question, it's almost fail proof to get the correct answer.  This week, I didn't do the draw a pic.  I just taught it by reading the sentence and doing mental questioning while answering the Q.  Didn't work.
So, I found this pin...
 It's from Mrs. Russ' classroom blog.  I think we'll be trying it this week!  She even has a freebie to go with it!

I do a weekly vocab schedule.  I use the frayer model and we do 2 words per day.  Then, on Thursday we do a word hunt.  This week, I'm going to change it up a bit.  I'm thinking about doing the frayer model with 3 words M/Tu.  Then, on Wednesday each student will get a 3 slide comic strip and create a comic using 3 vocab words.  I mean, all my kids are obsessed with Diary of a Whimpy Kid.  Are Yours?  Thursday we'll still do a word hunt (they love it). I'll let ya'll know how it works out.  Not sure yet.  Most of my kids are "getting it", but my RtI students still aren't able to transfer their learning to their Friday test.


Ms. Wainwright said...

Thanks for sharing this pin!! I am new your blog and I like it; I was sent here by 3-6 Resources! I am your newest follower : )
The Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher

Ms. Wainwright said...

I am new *to your blog....sorry for the typo!


D. Frideley said...

Welcome Ladies. I try to post once a week. I'm just starting to make freebies and design my own work. I look forward to opening a TpT store.

Richard Majece said...

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