They asked for homework

I didn't post this week, not because I didn't get online.  A little girl who lives in my house has hidden my camera, so I haven't taken any pics.  The first week went really well.  The first day was fabu!  I love, love the kids.  Some are the same kids I had in PK & K.  My only complaint...they take FOREVER to do anything!  Plus, they want to please me sooo bad, they copy everything.  I've got to do jobs this week, it is killing me only slightly annoying when they ask, "Can I help you?"  Oops...3 complaints.

Something really cool happened at Meet the Teacher!  I had a parent come up to me and ask, "What are you doing in class this week?"  UT-OH.  She said her son hates to read, but has talked non-stop about a website that reads books to you.    Turns out, he enjoys tumblebooks.  I told the kids that they can use tumblebooks for their weekly reading log & they are totally psyched!  If your school doesn't have a username/password then you need to see if your local (or search online libraries) library has one.  

They can also use spellingcity to do their spelling homework and you've never seen so many kids ASK, "When do we get our homework?"

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