Spent my long weekend, SICK!  Hubby gave me Strep.  Yuck.  I've been on anti-biotics for about 48hrs and I'm still barely out of bed.  Goodness gracious, I don't have a choice, I've got to do lesson plans today!


Jenny Zuniga @ Teacher and a Mom said...

Oh no, that's terrible!!! Feel better!


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Feel better soon!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Debbie Jacobson said...

I think you need to take good care of yourself. Drink hot tea. Get comfy on the couch. Later on take a really warm shower so you feel human again. Last thing-write your plans.

Erika said...

What colors do you want for your blog?

Deniece Frideley said...

Oh, that was quick. I like Pink/green/brown or pink/turquoise/black.

ThinkWonder Teach said...

Hi Denice -

Can you please email me at mrspoland. class @ gmail.com (take out the spaces) so we can discuss your new design?

Think, Wonder, & Teach
Honey Bunch Blog Design

Deniece Frideley said...

I've been trying to write plans for 2 hrs, maybe you were right! I have basically NOTHING done. My brain isn't connecting.