Free Fonts

It's true, My Name is Deniece and I'm a Font-a-Holic.  I love fonts.  It's not a quick affair, it's been a long time love.  It's the number two reason I got an iPad...shhhhh!  

This was my first venture into fonts.  I like a lot of them, but they are kind of thin.  I love Lipstick Tube and Rock 'n Roll.  There are a ton of fonts in this collection.  When I got my iPad, I wanted to make all my fonts have one theme.  Music.  So, I began with music themes.  But, my daughter stole used my iPad and made her own font - this inspired My Girls Fonts.  Finally, I got new make-up and that inspired my last set of fonts.

After making my first set of fonts, I realized how teeny tiny and thin they were.  So, I made these specifically for Cover Pages.  Most are thick and large.  My favorite is CAKE.  It reminds me a little bit of smiley monster which is probably my favorite font of all time.  

These fonts were completely inspired by the months of the year.  Most can be used for cover pages.  I think my favorite is February and Junie.
This is my newest set of fonts!  Confession time...I H-A-T-E shopping.  I hate sizes.  I hate plus-size shopping.  UGH.  But, I do love a pretty Maxi Dress...and that's pretty much all I wear all summer!  So, this set is inspired by clothing just simply because I love not wearing socks and not wearing pants all summer!!

These fonts are made for personal and/or small business commercial use.  This includes TpT, TN and ETSY.    No mass productions such as t-shirts or bumper stickers.  Please include my font button.


Samantha said...

I'm a font-a-holic, too! So glad I found your page! :)

Kayla said...

Hello! I just want to leave your age some love and let you know that I love your fonts! :


Unknown said...

I am a fontaholic toooo!!!!
I would love to get the curly girl font, but it seems to be broken. I have a Mac, but can not install it. could you contact me please please please. Thanks