Top 10 Dollar Tree **FINDS**

I'm changing my theme this year to Robots.  I think it fits my STEM focus.

I decided on a color theme of turquoise and red with some lime thrown in.  I'm including lime because I've had a blue and green classroom for 4 years, but I don't want it to look Christmas-y.

While I was @ Dollar Tree today, I kept thinking of different ways that teachers could use these items in their classroom. I snapped some pics and thought I'd share them with you.

If you have iPads, tablets or computers 
there are days that you'll need earbuds.  

 Every teacher needs caddies!

Do your kiddos call sanitizer "hanitizer"?
In September you probably have too many bottles, but in March I PROMISE you'll open your cabinet and it will be EMPTY.  UGH. 

My daughter's school supply list asked for sandwich size baggies, quart size baggies and gallon sized baggies.  At the grocery store it would easily be $9!  $3 is much better.  
I always run out of gallon sized baggies, am I the only one?

This was a new find at my Dollar Tree!  A stylus for $1!  Wow! 
 And we have tablets with covers, but if you need one, 

Tissue is another thing that I never have enough of.  I was honestly shocked to find this at Dollar Tree.  The great news, they even have aloe in them so they aren't rough and scratchy!

I saw these stickers and they were about 3" & I thought someone out in bloggie world would love them!

I rarely use pencil pouches to store pencils, 
but I use them ALL the time!  
I normally keep paper clips, clothes pins or yarn in them.

If you hoard containers, raise your hand!  
Yes, I raised my hand.
The entire reason I went to Dollar Tree was
to buy red & turquoise containers. 

Last, but not least is wall stickers.  I saw the Monsters & thought that any one using ClassDojo would like those!  A few years ago, I was in a classroom that had patchy paint.  It looked like the previous teacher used cheap wall hooks for her keys or something near the light switch.  I ended up putting birdie and flower wall stickers over the holes. 

This Little Piggy wants to know what is your favorite item from Dollar Tree.


Pamela Hagan said...

I was just talking to someone today about ordering from dollar tree online. I need to replace more book baskets than I know my local stores have! But I had also been wondering if they had earbuds, so I was very glad to know about those. I know my local store has very tiny containers that I put dice in. I guess I will also be putting earbuds in them! Thank you for the post! Also, I LOVE your fonts!!

Alley Chai said...

Thank you so much for your post! It reminded me of some items that I need to put on my student supply lists, such as sanitizer and earbuds! I love going to the local dollar store. I always find such great items. This year I purchased their pencil pouches and put math manipulatives in them, so that when my students complete centers, all of their materials will be located in one pouch. No more opening up multiples boxes to collect things! Thanks!

Erin Faust said...

I use their crazy straws to make my birthday balloons ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

Dawn Lucas said...
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Dawn Lucas said...

I use the pencil pouches for math kits. Dice, chips, 50 chart etc. Now I found dry erase sentence strips small enough to go in the pencil pouch. Now I am making writing toolkits! LOVE dollar tree.

Mary Love Strange said...

You raked in a lot of great goodies! I need to go get some caddies along with other BTS things. :)

Running Things with Runnels said...

I always forget they have ear buds!! Thanks for the reminder. Might as well get them for $1. They are a dime a dozen! Great post!

Wendy Arentz said...

I never even considered using pencils pouches for anything but pencils. Duh! Thanks for a great tip!

Mrs. S said...

I got a ton of items because I am moving grade levels and schools! It was so helpful to my budget! Baskets for my library were the biggest buy.

Deniece F. said...

Oh my goodness...great responses. Yes, earbuds & tissue with aloe were two best finds yesterday! Wendy, I never put pencils inside pencil pouches!

Dawn, I love the ones from the Dollar Tree b/c they are clear on at least one side so I can see what is inside them.

Pamela, I've never ordered online but I have had a friend that ordered votive holders for her wedding online. That is a good way to go for large numbers.

Erin, my friend who teaches Kinder/1st buys their giant pixie stix for her b-day prizes.

Thanks for the support guys,

Tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing!

Marcoss Devid said...

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