Upper Elementary Back-to-School Blog Hop

Hey there friends in bloggie world!  
Great News...this is a blog hop!  Better News...You Can Win TpT Gift Cards!!  Whoop!  

If this is your first visit to my blog, I'm Deniece from This Little Piggy Reads and I'm a GT Specialist in Texas.  For 3 years I taught 3rd Grade Reading and I began this blog to share ideas and strategies with Upper Elementary Teachers.  

My heart belongs in Upper Elementary!  Yes, there are standardized tests, but tests don't scare me. Bloggie World is full of Primary blogs, but this hop celebrates & showcases Upper Elementary teacher bloggers.  

Most Upper Elementary classrooms in my area are departmentalized.  So teachers see multiple classes throughout the day, not just 1 homeroom all day.  It can quickly become overwhelming - especially grading.  My solution was to color code EVERYTHING!  I taught 3 classes and my classes were assigned colors according to their turn-in baskets.  Mine were pink (red journals), green and blue.  

What did I color code?
  • Folders
  • Journals
  • Grading 
  • Portfolios
  • Student Names on Classwork & Homework
  • Binder Clips for Paperwork
  • Tabs in my Grade book 
Of course my folders & journals were color coded. The pink class was pink/red because 3rd grade boys don't like pink (who knew?).  When my students turned in their assignments, they highlighted their names in the appropriate color. I used sticky notes to organize my gradebook.  I hope my color coding tip helps you start the year out organized!

One more tip, if you haven't ever used Frixon Erasable Pens...they rock. GO GET THEM!

Onto the goodies...
My newest product is free student binder covers.  I love how they turned out!  They will be free for August.  Hopefully they will help your students stay organized throughout the year! 

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To continue along the hop, jump on over to Katie Upman's blog, Sprouts Learning.  I love her doodle blog design.

This Little Piggy wants to know what is your favorite grade to teach?  Leave me a comment!


Angela Gatt said...

I love frixion pens! They are amazing for kids who have difficulty with pencils always breaking.

Fun in Fourth

Kayla Dessert said...

I am going out to buy those pens right now! Thanks!

Lisa Robles said...

Great idea. You're so organized!


The Craft of Teaching said...

I LOVE color coding - I even do it in my self-contained classroom! Thanks for the tips!

The Craft of Teaching

Deniece F. said...

Lisa - I'm so not organized! I have to force myself to organize or else I'd be LOST in space. My husband would spit his food out if I told him someone said I was organized. He calls me the "Pile Queen". LOL

I agree, Nichole - it does work well for a self-contained classroom as well. I think for younger grades it helps the kid (math - red binder, science, green folder, reading - yellow journals, etc..) and for upper grades it saves the teacher's sanity!


Tammy Danley said...

I love organization tips! Organization is my biggest challenge, so thank you for helping me get one step closer to being an organizational diva. :)
Literacy Loves Company

Haley L said...

Can't wait to get these pens!!

Kelly said...

I use the same hand signals in my classroom - great minds! I love the idea of color coding. I have color coded for subject in my classroom, but this year, I will also be color coding for differentiation. Have a great year!

Deniece F. said...

Haley, I promise you will LOVE them!


KaKa said...

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