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Welcome to our Literacy Land Bloggie Birthday Hop! It's been a year since we launched Adventures in Literacy Land!  Our goal was to share tips & tools for effective literacy instruction.  Along the way, I've made some pretty amazing friendships with other bloggers. We're adding a few new bloggers this year. I know you'll enjoy reading their posts.  

To celebrate our Bloggie Birthday, we are hosting a Winter Wonders Blog Hop.  Each author has a free literacy resource you can download and we're giving away not 1, but 4 Barnes and Nobles Gift Certificates!  

When I was in the regular education classroom, I saw 3 classes of Reading/Language Arts throughout the day.  By my 3rd class, the kids were playing "ants in my pants" and moving around in their seat constantly.  It was like one of those TV cartoons where the kids are staring at the clock and waiting for lunch or recess.  

I began using "round-the-room" review activities.  At the time, I would find articles or short stories and write questions that were aligned to my teaching standard of the week.  Groups would move from station to station and answer the questions.  As time went on, I began making these Round-the-Room activities and selling them on TpT.  They have become very popular and teachers love that students get to move around the classroom.  All of my Round-the-Room activities are CCSS and TEKS aligned. Today, I am offering my newest Round-the-Room focusing on Figurative Language for FREE during our Winter Wonderland Blog Hop!  This pack is perfect for 4th/5th Grade teachers.  

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Julie Smith said...

I LOVE Around the Room activities...thank you so much!
The Techie Teacher

Pixie Anne said...

A bit too tricky for my younger class but I worked further up the school for years before and can see how useful this resource would be for teachers in those year groups - it looks great!
Growing Little Learners

Jennifer Reynolds said...

My second graders love getting up and "reading the room" also! Do you have any sets for younger grades in your store? I teach self-contained, and have MANY different levels of readers!
Thanks for sharing such a great resource!

Wendy @ Read With Me ABC said...

Round the room activities are so much fun! Thanks for sharing. :)