Teacher Appreciation - My Favorite Teacher

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week. 
 This week a few of my bloggie friends and I wanted to get together and celebrate teachers!  Today we're sharing memories of our favorite teachers. 

Growing up, I was lucky to live in a neighborhood that had excellent schools.  My favorite teachers are all from Richardson Jr. High School.  I went to school there from 7th to 9th grade.  I enjoyed Middle School, especially 9th Grade.

My favorite teacher was Mr. Davis, my 9th Grade English Teacher.  He was a short little, balding man who spoke properly with a gentle tone and he called his students by their last names.  I was Miss Rollins.  He wasn't a basal teacher.  In fact, I don't know if we ever opened a textbook in his classroom.  We read a lot of articles, novels and plays.  I remember reading Romeo and Juliet as a Reader's Theatre; I was Juliet.  We did a lot of writing, I loved to write.   In fact, we wrote a short story about our interpretation of life.  Mine was titled Life is like a Book.  Mr. Davis chose the top 3 from each of his classes and made a book.  Mine was chosen.  Mr. Davis liked it so much that he entered it into a student writing contest and I won!

A pic of me in Middle School.  I think this was either the end of 7th or 8th grade.
What made him a great teacher?  I'm not 100% sure.  I know that I try to pattern my own teaching after teachers that made an impact on me, like Mr. Davis did.  I try to incorporate Reader's Theater yearly and I always think of Mr. Davis carrying around a cardboard sword wrapped with a fake rose, quoting Romeo and Juliet.

Don't forget to stop back by Wednesday for a chance to win a $20 Gift Card to Amazon!  I'll be sharing my 3 Teacher Must Haves.


Andrea Crawford said...

Love your new blog design! It is great! And your memories of you favorite teacher are great! There is something to say about fun times.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Reading Toward the Stars

Wendy @ Read With Me ABC said...

Love your new look...so fun and fresh. A story entitled Life is like a Book is so appropriate for you! Thanks fro sharing your memories of Mr. Davis! I wonder if you could share this post with him. :)

D. Frideley said...

Wendy, I'm not sure where he is now. I know he taught at a Jr. College for a while. I tried to take his class but it was full. I think he's around 70.

Jessica Hamilton said...

What a memorable teacher. It sounds as though he made those novels and writings come to life for you. What a great experience to have.

Love your new design by the way!

Michelle said...

Love a teacher who doesn't teach with the basal all day every day! I had a few of those in middle school and I totally didn't love reading!
Thanks for sharing and happy teacher appreciation day!
BigTime Literacy
PS - New blog design looks great! :-)

Carla @ Comprehension Connection said...

Enjoyed reading about Mr. Davis. Sounds like he kept things lively and fun. Thanks so much for your hard work, Deniece, and I just love your new blog design. Cute as can be.