My 3 Teacher Must Haves

How is your Teacher Appreciation Week going so far?  Are you feeling lucky?  We're sharing our 3 Teacher Must-Haves.  To help you get your own must-haves, we're giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card.  

Post It Notes.  I think I go through a pad of them a day.  I use them for student thinking, anchor charts, to assess prior knowledge, exit tickets and of course as reminders.

I LOVE my little table set up - the caddie, the trash can, the supply box.  I can't live without the trash cans. Oddly enough, my older kids tend to play with the caddies, while my younger kiddos understood their purpose and left them alone.

Last, but not least is my Frixion pens.  I bought them last year after reading about them on blogs.  WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL MY TEACHING CAREER?  They are wonderful pens that erase!  I have 3 of them and next year, I plan to have a whole stash of them!!

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Andrea Crawford said...

My son saw those pencils and now wants one. Looks like I will be heading out to buy some!

Reading Toward the Stars

Em Hutchison said...

I have post-its too!! Can't...live...without...them!
And I am always looking for some good pens :)
Curious Firsties

Bridget S said...

I have never heard of the pens before...now I'm determined!!!

Literacy Without Worksheets

Wendy @ Read With Me ABC said...

I've never heard of Frixion pens. Hmmm. I think I need one now. I have sticky notes on my must-have list.

Barbara said...

Just found your blog. I love the name and the little pig in your header!
Grade ONEderful