When I grow up I want to be the Pencil Police....

When I decided to change careers and become a teacher, I didn't realize that one of my many hats would be Pencil Patrol.  Pencils quickly became my obsession!  Not necessarily in a good way.  

My very first year teaching, I brought in my family pencil sharpener.  My mom bought it for our family when I was in 7th Grade - it lasted through all 3 kids.  I brought it to my classroom and it died before the end of first semester!  Fast forward 10 years and I cannot count how many pencil sharpeners I've gone through. 

This is my pencil supply for this school year.  
This is half of what was left over from 
last year and after summer school.
This is my groovy green

I will be honest, I love my electric sharpener.  
It was a gift from my Principal last year.  
But, I regulate it and it has turned me into Pencil Police 
(shhhhh....I hide it from subs, too).  
This year I'm going to have a TON of students - a new class every day.  
I simply don't have time to be the pencil police this year.
I need the kids to self-regulate, but not with my pencil sharpener!
I kept seeing the pencil sharpener reviews on blogs and decided to try it out for myself.  
The electric sharpener took 12 seconds to go from dull to semi-sharp.

I was shocked!  Do you see that sharp tip?
It took me 3 turns/cranks to go from dull to EXTRA-Sharp!
It's super quick and whoa, it's sharp!
It's also much quieter than my electric sharpener.

My new plan is to teach the group helper how to use my groovy green sharpener 
and have them sharpen 10 pencils each afternoon before they leave.  

This Little Piggy will put away the Pencil Patrol Badge and spend my time teaching!


Jodi said...

I burst out laughing when you said you hide the electric sharpener from subs!! But, you have to keep things safe! I hope you will be able to train some students and subs to use the new sharpener!!!

D. Frideley said...

I have 2 subs I trust, if they aren't pre-assigned to my opening, then I know they will not be in my room. Therefore, I hide most of *my* things from subs.

Last year I was out a day, but actually on campus testing. When I went in my room for lunch, ALL of my centers were broken! Game boards torn, dice missing, game pieces in pieces and cards all mis-matched and missing. I was so upset, they didn't have stations the rest of the year!!! I know it was the adults responsibility, but the truth is that my students know the expectation and they took advantage of an adult who didn't have classroom mngt.