No pics, just my thoughts

Tonight I don't have a big long blog post that I've planned out for a few days.
I don't have pics of activities we did this week (I don't get kiddos for ANOTHER week).
And I don't have a product review, a linky party or a new recipe I tried.

On my brain tonight is administration.
Principal's and AP's and whoever else you have on your campus with a nifty title.
I've been teaching for 10 years and I've had 5 Principal's and 4 AP's (two of which became my Principal's).
A few years back, I had the absolute WORST Principal in the world.  
She had favorites and I wasn't on the "list".  She grabbed people, she yelled at us and she had no control over the kids at our school.  Her school was number one in the district, but we were never doing it for her.
She made us miserable.

Our AP at that time, is now my school's Principal.  She's amazing!  
I would follow her to any school with any population because I want to work for her.
She has an open door policy and she takes what you say to heart and she tries her best to accommodate her teacher's requests.  Now, there are times when teachers have to be moved to grades or subjects they don't want to teach.  It isn't easy.  I know she doesn't like doing it.
But, remember how I said I'd teach anywhere for her...well, most teachers on my campus agree.  They will do what it takes to stay at our school.  She supports teachers, always.  She tries hard to get us the resources and training that we need/request.  Do I sound like I'm brown nosing?  I'm not.  Teachers want to work for her.  We work harder for her, because of her.  Teachers get nervous when she enters the doorway.  Not because they are worried she will "catch them" doing something they shouldn't.  But, because they want to make her proud.  They want her approval.

This year I'm in a new position and although technically she's still my Principal, I have to work with Principals throughout the district since I service students across the district.  It makes me value her even more!  She doesn't intentionally try to make others job's harder.  Truth be told, I owe this position to her.  I also know it caused some staffing issues, so I greatly appreciate her letting me chase a dream.

I know everyone is in different stages in their career, but I hope that one day you have the pleasure of working with/for an administrator who mentors you and inspires you to be a better teacher!
Have you already had this experience?

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Jessica Goodrow said...

We have a new principal this year too and he is awesome. We used to have a really laid back principal so it is really nice to have some accountability for a change!

Literacy Spark

D. Frideley said...

We had a hands-off Principal for a year in between our horrible Principal and our current Principal. It is nice to have accountability:)

Jessica Pelka said...

What an awesome post! I wish I knew who this principal was...I would love to sit down and have a chat with her...and tell her how admired she is! She sounds incredible!

Im Lovin Lit said...

My amazing principal retired last year. So far.. well I don't know about the replacement. I haven't decided. I miss her!
:) Erin

D. Frideley said...

J. Pelka - I've thought about sending this post to her...but that seems a bit unauthentic.

Erin, let's hope the new P just picks up and continues on (doubtful, it seems like they all try to make a name for themselves).