It's Currently Sept.

It's Currently Time...

I was printing last night and guess what?  On page 3 of my *NEW* teacher binder...I ran out of ink!   AHHHH....Why?  Why does this happen every time I need to print something?  Pay Day is next week, so ink will have to wait until I get paid:(  I already bought 2 sets this month, so I've got to slow down a bit.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought "healthy food".  No chocolate, no sweets, LOTS of salad.  I want chocolate!  

I know Farley suggested 3 things to do this month, but I'm all about realistic goals.  I have 2 this month.  2 New TpT products - over $5 each.  I sell a lot, but I don't make a lot of $$ because my avg. cost per item is $3.  I need to make larger products and make a little more.  I also plan to lose 10 lbs. this month.  

This Little Piggy is craving chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa said...

Mmm, chocolate sounds good, now I want some too! Btw, I love frixon erasable pens! I need some new ones though, my purple ran out! :( Have a great week!

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Jennifer Dowell said...

I can really relate to having no ink. I just ran out of black ink at school and then my ink runs out at home. It is so frustrating! Good luck with the healthy eating!
Love Teaching Kids

Tara said...

I think I'm about to run out of ink too although since I got my new printer I can say it does last a lot longer:) I would love some chocolate too but am on this really strict diet:/ No chocolate for me;) Hope you have a great week! Your blog is adorable:)

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Faith Wheeler said...

Ah... I am starting a diet tomorrow, well really probably on Wednesday, so I know what you mean about healthy food. I am also running out of ink nonstop, speaking of which, I need to get busy printing. I also LOVE Frixion erasable pens! They are incredible!

Jane said...

I won't buy any chocolate when I'm grocery shopping because I'll devour it in one sitting. :)

Office Depot gave out those pens at their teacher sale this year - I love it.

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