My room is about 85% finished, so I don't have final pics just yet (maybe next week).  Below are my beginning pics.  But, I'm excited to show you a little bit of what I've been working on.

Below you'll see the harvest orange wall.  It actually didn't turn out sooo bad.  Not NEAR as bad as I originally thought.  
Next year, I plan to paint it deep grey/blue.
I got rid of the enormous teacher desk and got a trapezoid table for my computer.  It's so much cleaner looking!
You can't see it well, but I painted the corkboard behind the computer. I've had that corkboard for YEARS (well over 10) in my garage.  I painted it teal blue called 'laguna'.  I ran out (oops).  So, my friend had turquoise...I painted over the teal and it actually gave it a grungy "burnt" look.  I love it.   I added chevron ribbon for the criss-crosses and I plan on keeping my own kiddos' pics there.  Oh yeah, I ran out of ribbon so I trimmed it in my lime borderette.

Do you have IKEA bags?  If not, the next time you go get 5 of them.  
Yes, 5.  Two for home and 3 for school.  
They are huge, they never come apart and they are Ahhh-some.  
They are absolutely perfect for carrying lunches or snacks on field trips!  In the pic they are my trash bags so I can walk out to the dumpster and just empty them:) 

This pic stinks, but my wonderful hubby came to school today and helped me hang all of my Vistaprint Creations.  This one is my favorite by far.  I love it.  I know my pics stink today, I promise you'll get better ones this week!   I'm trying to decide if I want to decorate my door or not.  I don't want to - that's why I ordered the banner!  I did might make a pennant with mermaids holding it - hum?  Maybe.

What's this you're asking?  It's my "idea" of my mermaid drawn onto a friend's whiteboard.  
Does anyone else do this?  I had to get it out of my head and onto "paper" (a.k.a. whiteboard).
She's in the library area and I plan on calling it Reading Cove.

This Little Piggy's helping with PK4 on Monday and wearing comfy shoes!


Ali said...

You are so lucky you get to paint your walls. I wish we could!

Looks like you're off to a great start! Can't wait to see the final product. : )

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D. Frideley said...

I don't know that I CAN paint my wall. I pretty much take the stance, do it and ask for forgiveness later. I doubt my Principal will say anything as long as it's fairly neutral.