I'm just like Teeny, a Blog Celebrity (sorta)

Sorry I've been neglecting my followers lately.  This new assignment and new classroom arrangement threw me for a loop!  I'm excited about my new GT kiddos and the challenge of teaching them, but everything I made for Made it Monday doesn't really fit with my new assignment...so I'm kind of starting over from scratch!  AHHHHH....

So, I know you know who Teeny Tiny is, right?  
Well, in blogland she's a bit of a celebrity.
She's a blog celebrity who keeps her teaching life and bloggie life separate.
But when they meet, she kind of freaks out.  
We all know who "they" are (they=blog celebrities).  
Moffit, Blue Skies, Lemons, Ms. Jump, Farley, Hope King, Reagan Tunstall you get the idea right?  
So, we "little bloggers" stalk them.  Admit it.  If you can't admit it, I will. 
These were the first blogs I followed and of course we all aspire to one day have huge followings and also be blog celebrities.  It's our one chance at "reality star famedome".  
Oh, it's just me....not you?  
Yes, it's you too.  

So, I'm sitting in inservice yesterday.  It was our "first day of school" procedures and meetings. It was boring as all get out great!  One of our new staff members wants me to make her some ABC cards and we start talking about clipart.  She mentions Melonheadz.
I say my blog was designed by Melonheadz.  She says, "Oh yeah, Jenn said you have a blog.  What's it called?"
Well, I happen to have my iPhone and click on my blog app (like you don't have one).  I show her my blog. All of a sudden her eyes get huge....her mouth opens....she says...."That's YOUR blog?"
I say, "Yeah.  It's my little ol' blog."
Her response, "I read your blog!"
I got really nervous!  I immediately start scrolling through my mind wondering what "all" I've put out there in bloggie world for her/you to read.
She says, "You're kind of famous.  You have a famous blog."
I blush and say, "No I only have a few followers.  Nothing like the big blogs out there."

So, for all my followers out there...thanks for making me "kind of famous". haha I'm soooo kidding.

This Little Piggy is going to work on Saturday.


Kristin said...

Haha!! :) I totally get this!
Your blog design is ADORABLE. I love Nikki from Melonheadz.
I do not think I am a celebrity. :)
I'm following you now!

Karen Rowland said...

Awwww, I know that made your day! We have a professional development day on Monday and Kim Adsit is our presenter! I'm super excited and hoping to get a picture with her to post on my blog. (I'm not famous either!)
Karen Rowland
Adventures With Firsties


Miss Kindergarten said...

Lol!! I can feel you sweating all the way over here!

Nikki said...

LOL! Stuff like that stresses me out! Love your blog!

Kelly said...

I would be doing the same thing you did. Have I put any thing on my post that would be a problem??? ;)
I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

Carla said...

That's really funny. I think your blog is totally cute, and I too am a Melonheadz lover. The clipart on my blog is hers too.

You know, when you write useful information, people will read, and regardless of the number of followers, it's fun to make connections with new teachers all over the world really.
<a href="http://www.comprehensionconnection.blogspot.com>Comprehension Connection</a>

D. Frideley said...

Kristin, I'm in awe that you stopped by. And not only you, but Hadar too! Wow...great day in bloggie world.

Karen, I hope your PD Day is meaningful and you get a pic:)

Carla - thanks.

Karen, I know - I immediately started thinking...what does she know about me?

Nikki - thanks for the great artwork. I love this blog.