Monday Made It with a Polka-Dot Freebie

Do you remember when you were young and you wanted what the popular girls had?   Maybe your mom told you didn't have to be like the popular girls and to love yourself for who you are.  

Well, my mom bought me the Guess Jeans and the Coca-Cola Shirts and the Bobbi Brown CD's and got me my own phone line (okay, so I had to BEG for this one).  My mom wanted me to be the popular girl.  
I wasn't and I was okay with that.  The head cheerleader of her youth cringe at the thought.

Last summer was deja-vu...I wanted a teacher toolbox like all the other bloggers had.  But my classroom budget just couldn't expand by one more dime.
So, this summer, it is my very first Monday Made-It!  
My mom would be so happy.  
I bought the gray one from Lowe's.  It looked a lot smaller than I originally thought it was.  I measured and rounded up a little due to printing.   Then, I printed them. Now, I'm committed to my Mermaid Theme.  Erin from Lovin' Lit did an excellent job at making Mermaid Papers!
The large drawer fit perfectly:)  The smaller drawer was a bit too small.  I enlarged it a tad and it was too big.  So I stuck with the smaller size, you really can't tell it when you tape it on. 
So, I printed all of them out and cut them all!  Guess what?  I  changed the page size and  they were WAYYYY TOO BIG! That took me an extra hour to re-format, print and cut.  
I used double sided tape along the right and left side of the paper.  It turned out pretty cute!  
After I made it, I was sooo proud, I sent pics to my friends and of course THEY WANTED ONE, TOO!
So, I made them labels to match their decor.  If you want to avoid the formatting and re-formatting, you can grab a copy of the labels from my TpT Store.  All you have to do is print, cut and tape!  Easy, Easy.
3 Different Designs: Cute & Girly Chevron-Dot; Blue - Green; Zebra Print
While I was working on the toolboxes and the finishing touches on my Cute & Girly Chevron-Dot Classroom Decor Pack (again for a friend).  I made this quick freebie I thought a few people might like.  Click on the pic to download:)  

I haven't shared a Manic Monday Freebie in a while, so here goes:)

Do you love digital paper?  Me too!  
Do you love FREE digital paper?  Me too!

On my Clipart & Coffee Talk Post today, the Collaboration Cuties are doing a freebie and a giveaway!  
Go check it out for the freebie! 

This Little Piggy is working on hair bows for next week's Monday Made It!


Dawn said...

I love how your project turned out! Good job!
I can totally relate to the Guess Jeans, Coca-Cola shirt and getting your own phone line (major begging)! It sounds just like me in my teen years :)
Hello Learning

The Polished Teacher said...

Hi Deniece! I'm obsessed with your teacher toolbox! Blue and Green are my favorite colors!

I just wanted to let you know that you are a no-reply comment blogger. I would love to be able to reply to your comments directly. The Tatooed Teacher has a great fix using Google+ here: http://mrslambsclass.blogspot.com/2012/07/what-im-no-reply-blogger-google-fix.html
Teaching with Love and Laughter has a simple fix for blogger here: http://teachingwithloveandlaughter.blogspot.com/2012/07/are-you-no-reply-blogger.html

The Polished Teacher

Collaboration Cuties said...

Oh your toolbox is soooooo cute! I have that on my to do list and STILL haven't made it!! I have to get on that!!! Your labels are ADORABLE!!

Thanks again for featuring us!! :O)
Collaboration Cuties

D. Frideley said...

Thanks for the comments.

Dawn, what color of Coca-Cola shirt did you have? I had a red one and a yellow one.

Thanks cuties...hope the giveaway goes well!

Ashley, maybe this time I fixed the no-reply thing. I think Rachel's tutorial worked, finally!!!


Kelly said...

Deniece, your tool box looks terrific! I was one in the "in crowd" and made one last year. haha After seeing yours, I'd really like to redo mine, but it is locked up at school so I guess I'll have to be content with mine that looks so last year! ha
I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

Miss Cosby said...

I've seen these on quite a few blogs & on Pinterest. I'm get really frustrated when it comes to measure twice cut once...so all the measuring and formatting was something I was dreading! Thanks so much.

You Might Be a First Grader….

D. Frideley said...

Brenda, I agree, the cutting and measuring about drove me crazy!!!

If you need a specific theme/color combo for your classroom let me know:) I'll make them for you.


Emily said...

Great job! I love the colors!
I Love My Classroom
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Emily said...

Great job! I love the colors!
I Love My Classroom
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Corinna said...

LOVE those colors! I love it:)

Surfin' Through Second

Brandi said...

Your toolbox came out great! Love those colors!

Success in Second Grade

Hooty said...

Ooooh...your toolbox turned out awesome. It's way cuter than mine!

I'm glad I found a fellow Texas 3rd grade teacher to follow!

Hooty's Homeroom

Sandy said...

SOOOOO cute! I love how that turned out!!! Nice job!!! :)

Soaring Through Second

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the teacher toolbox idea! I am definitely going to be making something like this! Thank you for sharing!
Fabulously Inspired In First

Katie O said...

Your teacher toolbox came out amazing!!! I have two weeks left of school and then I'm free to get crafting on a similar project for next year to stay nice and organized! I just found you blog and it is SUPER cute! I'm new to blogging, so I'm really excited to find a 3rd grade teacher who specializes in literacy. Can't wait to see the ideas you have to share! Hope the head bands come out even better than the toolbox!

Light and Love,
Kdot’s Learning Spot

Sarah said...

Cute toolbox! Love the green/blue color scheme!

Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

Im Lovin Lit said...

OMG - how did I totally miss this post? I've had my head up my butt. Guess what?! I'm picking up my toolbox at Lowes TODAY! Had to order it online for store pickup. I've got my labels done but I've got to send them to Office Depot to print since I don't have a color printer and I'm nervous about printing them before I know if they will fit. If you still have the measurements that you used, would you mind sharing those with me?
Thanks for the shout-out sister! :) Erin