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Welcome to Clipart and Coffee Talk!  
Read on...there's a CUTE Freebie and a GREAT Giveaway!
These ladies are awesome because they teach upper elementary and keep it cute!  I'm also just a "tad" bit obsessed with polka-dots, so naturally, I'm drawn to their TpT Store, Cutesy-Clickables by Collaboration Cuties.  They have great deals like $1 frames and $2 Paper Packs!

I never noticed, but Stacia looks JUST like my cousin, Ashlie - they could be sisters!
We are both from Georgia. We like that it doesn't get too cold in the winter (although it's very hot and humid in the summer) and we are close to the beach AND the mountains, so we have the best of both vacation worlds!
Stacia says, "I love to doodle and draw, so I've always drawn for fun, but just this year I have tried to actually make clipart out of it."

Amanda admits, "I can't draw very well at all but I can do lines, etc. I'm more of the background paper creator. I just think it's fun to make something pretty and then when someone uses it for a product it's so fun to see!"
It's hard to put into words really. The first time we saw something of ours used, my heart kind of stopped. It was actually on Pinterest. My first thought was, hey, that looks familiar! Then, it dawned on me that someone liked it enough to actually use it for something AND pin it. I was very excited and my heart started racing. It felt good to know someone liked it!
Stacia's Fav:
My cute little chicks! 

Amanda's Fav:

The background papers I made because it took awhile to figure it out!

Amanda and Stacia have graciously given you this amazingly cute FREEBIE!!!  These are perfect for the Week of July 4th because they are Watermelon Themed Digital Papers

Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away Now!
They are going to give away 2 of the HUGE  (and I mean HuGe) Watermelon Themed Digital Paper Packs! There will be 2 lucky winners, will it be you?

This Little Piggy is still craving Onion Rings (maybe Hubby will take me out).


Beach Sand and Lesson Plans said...

You won my giveaway! Check your email! I just entered yours!! Thanks!
Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

D. Frideley said...

Oh yeah!

Tate Jones said...

I love this new feature on your blog. I look forward to "meeting" lots of new (and old) clip artists!

D. Frideley said...

Thanks Octavia,
I'm thinking about extending it through August - if I do...I'll be sending you an e-mail:)

Loreen Leedy said...

This is a fun idea to feature artists making clip art...will enjoy reading these posts!

D. Frideley said...

Thanks Loreen:)