EOY Nachos!

1 more day.....1 more day....1 more day...I can do it.....I can do it...I can do it...Thank Goodness I didn't sign up to teach STEM Summer Camp!  Don't get me wrong, this year has been possibly the best behaved group of kiddos I've ever had.  I had a lot of them in PK and K, so truthfully, I love them dearly!  But, I am at the end of this rope and I'm either going to jump into a shark infested water or onto a boat...either way I've got to get off the rope!!!

Last year we began a school tradition of going out for nachos on the last day of school.  Let me tell you...nachos are a great way to end the school year!!

I've been working on some cute fonts for you.  I'm compiling a new pack...just wait!  I also have a new video and I wanted to post it tomorrow, but I'm flat worn out.  So, let's plan on Monday!

Kelsea over at Teacher Gems is having a big giveaway for her 30th B-Day (to be 30 again)...and she has amazing prize packs!  She even has a TpT seller prize pack that I'm hoping to win!!  Click on the button to visit her blog and sign up.

This Little Piggy is excited to lay out next week!

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