This Little Piggy is Guest Blogging!

This Little Piggy is Guest Blogging on Tonya's Treats for Teachers for a Friday Freebie!  I'm super psyched because I've NEVER done a guest blog post before.  My Freebie is digital backgrounds (cute) and a video about how to create TpT cover pages!

BTW, thought I'd share this with "ya'll" because I figured you might run into the same issues.  Our district requires Technology PD Training every summer.  I looked at the offerings today and "Apps" was one class.  Okay, I don't have a tablet in my classroom or available on my campus...so how will I use this class?  I figure it will go something like this...
Presenter: These are great apps you can use to engage students in the classroom.
Me: I don't have a tablet on my campus available to me or my students.  Are we getting them this year?
Presenter: Um...that's not my decision.  Maybe you could buy a tablet for your students to use.


This Little Piggy hopes that you'll stop by Tonya's Treats for Teachers for your Friday Freebie!


ThinkWonder Teach said...

Can't wait to see your guest post!

And yes... our professional development is the same. Even before I was a teacher and worked for a corporation. Check out this new program.... Are we getting it? Its not in the budget at this time but hey check this feature out!

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Mrs R Mathis said...

I found your video on Tonya's Treats for Teachers! Awesome! I'm your newest follower! :)

Mrs. Mathis’ Homeroom