STEM in my Reading Classroom

We are a STEM district (science, technology, engineering and math) and I teach Reading.  Hum....how does it apply to me?  I often ask this question when I'm sitting in Math/Science PD's and we don't have a lot of technology at the moment.  Well, I found a way to incorporate it this week.  My fellow science teachers were in ahhhhh.  Seriously, they watched in amazement as my students worked together, developed plans and assigned jobs/roles.

We've finished reading Charlotte's Web last week.  During my pinterest/googling I found a classroom (can't find it again) that made ferris wheels after Fern went to the fair.  I thought that was interesting, but a little basic.

Do your kiddos enjoy challenges?  Mine do and they rise to the occasion.  In fact, I rarely give prizes...I give bragging rights and my kids LOVE to brag to the whole 3rd grade that their group "won".  So, their challenge was to use what was inside their paper bag to build a ferris wheel in 30 minutes.  I didn't lead the students.  I didn't show a model.

What was in the bag?  Some craft sticks, a paper plate, ripped strips of colored paper, wikki sticks (sticky sticks), 1 pair of scissors, glue, assorted stickers and assorted items from my craft box.  Not every group got the same exact items.

What did I love about it?
#1 - all of my kids were engaged...I'll say it again, ALL of my kids were engaged.
#2 - none of the ferris wheels look alike.  Yes, some were fairly similar, but no two had the same design.
#3 - most of the winning groups had RtI students in them and only 1 winning group had a Gifted student!

Here are some pics you might enjoy...


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