Manic Monday...oh we oh...Wish it were a Sunday

It's actually still Sunday as I type this.  But, pretty soon I'll be standing in front of 24 kiddos and they are going to want a show and I'm going to be daydreaming about my bed!  

I had a very productive Sunday!  I worked on many TpT projects.  I also found out how to create those long pins on pinterest.  Amazingly easy - you just change the size of the slide to 21 - 27 inches long and voila...  

So, this weekend I made some digital paper and End of the Year Awards...super cute;)
I also worked on some new Fonts!  Guess what?  They are my Manic Monday Freebie.

Can you tell I'm just a tiny bit obsessed with the passing of time at the moment?  Even my fonts are named after months!  I have July & September that I'll add to the pack...my hubby was on the iPad most of the day.

I have 2 linky ideas in my head, but I'm soo terrified of failure...I haven't even started working on them.  Anyone interested in partnering with this piggy?  One is about food and one is about clipart...let me know if you have an interest!

This Little Piggy had a great b-day week and weekend!


lola said...

ADORABLE! Thanks for your freebie. I am fairly new to blogging myself, but have participated in a few linkys. I would love to participate in one with you. Let me know if you end up having one. :) ragan808@gmail.com

Preschool Wonders

Sarah Winchell said...

I would love to try a linky.

My blog is

if you would like to check it out.
I can be reached at email at


I'm all for learning new stuff!

Pinkadots Elementary said...

I'll link up with you for a linky. I can also put it on my linky calender on my blog. Check on my calender and my current New Year, New Gear linky going on right now. I know what you mean about being terrified about failure. I bit the bullet and am so excited with the results. My linky is fun and actually helpful! :) I love food and clipart, so either one sounds great! :)
Pinkadots Elementary