I wish it would have been thunder

Last night my sign off post said, "This Little Piggy hates thunder."
Well, I only thought I heard thunder.
It was actually the explosion in West, TX.
I live over an hour north of West, TX and yes, I felt it.  It was a huge boom and reminded me of the thunder I've experienced when a tornado is on it's way.
About 10 min. after posting, I realized it wasn't raining at all.
Turns out a Fertilizer Plant exploded.
15+ people were killed (as of now).
Homes were destroyed.  Some no longer exist.  The concrete pad is there, but the house is gone.
There was a middle school not too far away from the blast and it is destroyed as well.  My school district is collecting school supplies for the students and teachers.

Melonheadz made this awesome graphic in memory of West, TX.


Elementary AMC said...

Keeping everyone in West Texas in our thoughts and prayers.

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Ms. Durbin said...

Love your ideas. I just highlighted you in a blog post. Check it out here.

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