Friday 5 Countdown - My Amazing Week

I had an amazing week!  Ah-mazing!  I don't have many pics...but I'm doing a blog post anyway!
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#1, 2) Okay, so I blog a few times a week.  Often, I have no comments.  Sometimes I wonder...is anyone reading my blog?  Yeah, I guess some people are.  My lil' blog/teaching product was featured on not one, but two different blogs this week!  YIPPIE!
You know that "STATS" link on your blogger dashboard, it gives you a lot of info about your blog.  Oh hush, you know you look at it too;)  I check it on occassion to see how people are finding my blog.  It looks something like this...

I saw teachjunkie.com and thought, "Hum, I've never heard of that blog."  So, I click.  I find this...
Teach Junkie - 42 Free Fonts for Teachers {Goodie Bag}

My Girly Fonts were featured on teachjunkie.com.  How cool is that??  Made my day!

Then, today I go on blogger.com and scroll through the blog roll (I know many of you use blog lovin' now but not me).  Scoll, scroll, scroll.  Double Take.  
Wait a minute, that's my product.  So, I click the link and oh so young Ms. Durbin from 3rd Grade's a Hoot said great things about my STAAR Test Prep Strategies.  Made my day!

#3) I was in the classroom 2 1/2 days this week.  I had PD on Wednesday for ESL.  We had a 1/2 Day Thursday (got my grades in).  I spent most of today in a PD for RtI. 

#2) My AP paid me & my teammate a great compliment.  She told another parent that she couldn't find better teachers for her child.  Made us feel good.  

#1) My Giveaway goes live tomorrow!  There will be 3 Prize Packs and over 21 total Prizes!!       

This Little Piggy had a great week, but I know West, Texas had a horrible week.  Sending some love to my fellow Texans. 


AMC Looking From Third to Fourth said...

I read, don't always comment but I read!!! Have a great weekend.

Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...

Hooray for seeing your awesome stuff shared elsewhere. Your girl fonts are adorable! Thanks for sharing your week with us.

vee said...

I 've red this post, greetings from belgium !