Feeding My Font Addiction

I spent some of my day re-doing some of my TpT items and trying to brighten up some of my cover pages.
I tend to lean to black backgrounds and I don't think black is very visually appealing.

I worked on some pretty awesome fonts!  I really think I'm getting pretty good at making fonts.
This time, I tried to only make fonts for cover pages - thicker and easier to read.
They are named after sweets.
Let me know which one is your favorite!  Click on the Any Page to download them!  
Please use my credit button if you use them in a product.

Amelia over at Where the Wild Things Learn is having a big 3-6 Giveaway!  Go Check it out!  

This Little Piggy's Favorite is either Caramel Drizzle or CAKE!


Christine Waverla said...

Adorable fonts! Thank you for sharing.
Math Central

Crystal White said...

Great fonts! I love Caramel Drizzle!

My Kinder-Garden

Angie Henry said...

Your fonts are absolutely adorable! Thank you!

Rae said...

Love your fonts! I use the iFontMaker app for the IPad, and I love it. HOwever, I can't figure out how to save my fonts as files that i can share with others, like you have done. I am only able to share my fonts via the iFontMaker website. Any suggestions?

Mindful Rambles

Crystal Shepherd said...

I love the sprinkles one!

Crystal Shepherd
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