Reading Logs and Manic Monday Freebie

Do you use Reading Logs?
I do.  This is my 1st year.  I actually love them.  They truely do let me see who is working on their fluency...remember my post on my Buggy Board.  Reading Logs help me track fluency as well.
Plus, I get to know my students very well by looking at what they read.

Okay, Deniece if you love them so much...what's the problem?
Well, my problem is that I couldn't keep track of who did them and who didn't do them.
So.......I went to a punch card system.
I made these punch cards to help me track who did and didn't do their Reading Log.
AGAIN, this is my 1st year using punch cards.  I actually like them and the kids LOVE them.
You can use them to reinforce positive behavior (especially at the end of the school year), homework or AR tracker.
If you'd like to give my punch cards a try...I'm going to Link Up with Manic Monday.

If you'd like to have punch cards for the entire school year, 
then stop by my TpT store and pick them up for $2.50.t

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AMC said...

Love this idea - I am going to share with my teaching buddies in the morning!

D. Frideley said...

Oh, I'm glad you can use them. If they work out, I went ahead and made them for the whole year. I made a really cute chi-chi one and I think the kids are going to LOVE it:)

Debbie @ http://kidsbibledebjackson.blogspot.com/ said...

Thanks for sharing this at Manic Monday! This is a great idea with a lot of options! Pinned it!

Jenny said...

That's a great idea! I went electronic this year. My kids post their reading log as an assignment on Edmodo. It took them a little while to get used to it, but now they all love it that way!

Suntans and Lesson Plans

D. Frideley said...

We use a program called Gaggle in our district. But, I have a ton of kids without internet access at home (out of 68 kiddos only 40 of them have access). I'm not sure I'm ready to go digital just yet....

Mandy Breton said...
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