Adventures in Pintrest Collaborative Boards...

A month ago, I had absolutely NO CLUE what a Pintrest Collaborative Board was.
Until one day I read a post by one of favorite new bloggers....Faith Wheeler from 1st Grade Fantabulous blogged about pintrest ettiquite.
Well, I had no clue what a collaborative board was and that pintrest even had ettiquite!  You can imagine my shock.
Her post led me to the TpT Forums.  Shhhh....I didn't even know that TpT had Forums!!!  I swear you'd think I lived under a rock or something.  My journey onto pintrest collaborative boards was born.

Today, I took the plunge...I began a collaborative board for K-5 Treasures Reading.
I have about 8 people invited to join so far.
If you'd like to join my board...I'd LOVE to have you!  Let me know with your pintrest username and I'll add you!

This Little Piggy is becoming a Techie Geek & Loving it!!!


Kelly Hall said...

I just used one of your products from TPT and posted about it on my blog : http://mrshallfabulousinfourth.blogspot.com/2013/03/watts-up-thomas-edison.html

My kids loved it!!!!

D. Frideley said...

Oh my goodness! That was amazing to see. How cool is that? Your kids did an outstanding job! I never dreamed it could be so creative. That is what I love about blogging...seeing all the cool ideas.

Thanks - you made my day:)