Plastic Eggs & Multiple Meaning Words

This week we were working HARD on Multiple Meaning Words. Why?  Data shows that this is where my students need help.  {Remember, my goal was to be Data Driven this year.  Shhh...I've taken it a little overboard.}  I figured out why...they do not follow the strategy I taught them (draw a picture).  So all week long, I harped on drawing a picture.  Seriously, folks if your students draw a picture of the multiple meaning word they WILL NOT miss the question.  So, these were my lessons.  

Anchor Chart

I put a multiple meaning word inside one egg and a meaning inside another egg.
Students drew eggs and had to find their "match/partner".
Partners worked together to come up with the multiple meanings and they DREW PICTURES!!!
Then, we did an exit ticket.  The exit ticket scores were pitiful.  Why?  You guessed it...they DIDN'T DRAW PICTURES!  Can I be honest?  Sure, we're bloggie friends!  I've been teaching almost 10 years and this group of kiddos is the only group of kiddos (2nd - 7th Grade) that REFUSES to do Strategies!  Why oh why?

So, the next day I had students do a Round-the-Room Activity.  It's basically task cards and/or a cut up worksheet that I post and groups move from station to station to answer the questions.  Then, we grade immediately (timely academic feedback per my eval. rubric).  I required students to draw the 2 meanings of the word prior to answering the question.  Then, students worked on a STAAR Style Passage (holla, Texas Teachers) about Multiple Meaning Words independently and about 95% of them used their strategies and PASSED!!  

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