Five for Friday

I was so busy this afternoon reading everyone's Five for Friday...I forgot to write my own!  Can you tell I've got "3-Day Weekend Brain" going on! ha-ha.  Yes, that's my new term.

I'm going to work backward this week...
#5) My Precious Girl woke up early Thursday excited for her egg hunt!  Look how absolutely adorable she is (even with short hair).

#4)  I booked our 7th Anniverary Trip today...yes, I am going to spend 3 days in this HOT TUB looking out into the Texas Hill Country!  My favorite spot in the world!!

#3) We had our 1st Teacher vs. Student Basketball Game on Thursday - Teachers Won!  Our school raised $1200 for the American Heart Association.  YEA<3

#2) I got my progress reports finished on Thursday at 3:15 and left work at 3:30.

#1) Mel from Graphics from the Pond (I just love her frames!) so kindly made this sale graphic and is having a sale linky party.   I decided to do a 15% off sale through Easter. You will not believe this, but I am 15cents AWAY from my quarter goal...yes 15cents!!!     

This Little Piggy is trying to reach her quarter goal!


Jenny said...

My oldest had a hat parade at school but no eggs. She was so upset!

I love the hill country!

Enjoy your weekend!

Suntans and Lesson Plans

D. Frideley said...

A hat parade? HUH? What kind of Easter Party is that?? I would have protested and not worn a hat!