Buggy for Fluency and a Freebie

When I began the school year, I had 66 students about 1/3 of them were reading 2 grade levels behind...
Yes, I even had 10 or so testing on a Kindergarten Level.  
My job was not only to get them reading on a 3rd grade level, 
but also to get them prepared for our state test in April.  HUM....Yeah.  I felt no stress at all.  
So, number one on my list - reading on or close to grade level.  I fluency test every 3 weeks.  They are also required to read 45 minutes per night.  
I work in a district with a LOT of movement.  Students come and go all the time. Right now, I have about 56 of the same students.  
We're on our 4th 6 weeks and my fluency testing shows that 27 or half of them are Beyond 3rd Grade Reading Level (most at 5th Grade Level).  
I am H*A*P*P*Y to announce that all of the other 29 students are reading atleast 50 wpm on a 3rd Grade Level!  
I know that isn't "on grade level". 
But from Kinder to 3rd is a huge improvement... 
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Of course, we're still working on becoming GOOD readers.  

I wanted to give the students something to strive for!
So...I invented...The Buggy Board.  
Students earn their "BUG" and get to put it on my broken cabinet door.  
I also give them an certificate to take home with their report card as well and if you'd like one, click the pic below for a freebie!
I want to link this freebie at Manic Monday...
Diane @ Teaching with Moxie is doing a Photo Challenge of One Thing You Love in your Classroom or at School.  
I saw a lot of posts about technology and items people Love at School.  
I'm just now getting some technology in my classroom and although it's incredibly exciting for both me and the students...
Right now, I'm loving my Buggy Board because it gives my kids an incentive and it fulfills my commitment to be data driven

This Little Piggy Can't Wait for Spring Break!


Diane Hubacz said...

You have such a daunting task. I know that anxious feeling of trying to create miracles against all odds. Your Buggy Board is genius! I am so happy for you. Thank you for hooking up to the February Photo Challenge and sharing your awesome success story!

Teaching With Moxie

Nikki T said...

Love the fluency certificates. I am excited to use them in my class when we get back from the break. YAHOO!!

~Nikki T
Smart Tarts Learning