Great Work Spotted!

What's going on in your world?  I thought I'd show you what we're working on right now.  First up, my "GREAT WORK SPOTTED Board"  I l-o-v-e it!  It's very simple - coordinating scrapbook paer with a clothes pin glued on.  I got blue, green and white from CVS in their $1 bin.  What do you think?

Next up, my favorite classroom activity.  I call it "Round the Room".  My students are already broken up into  heterogeneous groups.  I normally use worksheet questions from our weekly story or I write Q's to go along with it and put them up around the room.  I give students 3 minutes per station and they move in a clockwise motion and answer on a notecard.  

We're working on drawing conclusions this week (it's our 2nd spiral this semester) and most of my kiddos did excellent today!  We followed the "I Do, We Do, You Do" model - which is how I do most things in my classroom.  My students this year are awesome when it comes to academic talk (I think it's because they love talking so much).  They LOVE working together and they have gotten very good at using text evidence to prove their answer is correct.  

In Social Studies, we began our Economy Unit.  I'm actually about 2 weeks behind on our scope and sequence because of pull-outs.  3 days a week, more than 1/2 my class gets pulled.  I'm excited about this Economy Lapbook by Amber Polk!  Shhhh...so are my kids!

Yes, This Little Piggy Worked Today.

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Natalie Basile said...

Hi Deniece!! Thanks for following our blog, we are your newest follower now! I am also a third grade teacher, and I see we have many things in common. I also love doing "around the room" questions! (The students love being able to get out of their seats also!) I also ALWAYS have so many kids pulled out of the classroom. I rarely have my whole class! Looking forward to reading your blog posts.